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Tempsure Envi Specialist

Premium Healthcare

Stuart S. Felzer, MD

Concierge Medicine & Internist located in Wilmington, DE

The breakthrough technology behind Cynosure® TempSure™ Envi smoothes out your skin and restores your youthful glow. You can book personalized TempSure Envi treatments with board-certified internist Stuart Felzer, MD, FACP, of Premium Healthcare. Dr. Felzer offers custom TempSure Envi sessions in his Wilmington, Delaware, office. Whether you’re new to the practice or a member of the concierge service, you can request TempSure Envi treatments. Book your TempSure Envi appointment online or call and speak directly with a team member.

Tempsure Envi Q & A

How does TempSure Envi work?

TempSure™ Envi uses radiofrequency energy to gently heat the deeper layers of your skin without elevating the temperature of your skin’s surface to unsafe levels. As the tissues heat up, a collagen remodeling process occurs.

Your skin immediately starts regenerating new collagen and connective tissues, which helps skin fibers become tighter, denser, and more neatly organized. Over time, you can achieve firmer, younger-looking skin.

What makes TempSure Envi so unique is that the state-of-the-art system incorporates a specialized timer that lets the operator know when your skin tissues reach therapeutic temperatures. This means that you can expect effective, more even results, with an entirely safe, noninvasive treatment.

What can TempSure Envi treat?

Skin tightening and rejuvenation with TempSure Envi resolve a wide variety of skin imperfections, all in a single treatment. Dr. Felzer can design your TempSure Envi treatment plan to:

  • Decrease the appearance of cellulite
  • Even out facial vein discoloration
  • Resolve milia cysts on your nose and cheeks
  • Decrease forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet
  • Minimize the appearance of smile lines around your mouth

TempSure Envi even has specialized attachments that dramatically reduce hair growth all over your body. Because TempSure Envi is so versatile and can help with multiple aesthetic concerns, Dr. Felzer spends time getting to know you and your desired outcome so that your TempSure Envi treatments are most effective.

When will I have results with TempSure Envi?

The beauty of TempSure Envi treatments, as compared to similar skin tightening and rejuvenation systems, is that results are immediate. You can experience enhanced, glowing skin shortly after your TempSure Envi treatment at Premium Healthcare, with continuing improvements over the following weeks.

While most men and women who undergo TempSure Envi treatments love their results after a single treatment, Dr. Felzer generally suggests a package of several sessions to achieve dramatic results. You might need up to 2-3 TempSure Envi visits, each about a month apart, to restore your youthful skin.

Find out if TempSure Envi is right for you by booking a consultation at Premium Healthcare. Schedule online or over the phone.

Individual results may vary.