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Alastin Skincare

Many of our patients have started using Alastin skincare products with great results. For a limited time you may order directly from the website with free shipping!

Please click on this link to order from our site

We also have limited supply of Hydratint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF36 available in the office which can be picked up curbside with minimal contact for your safety.

New to award winning Alastin products?

Alastin is a FDA approved specialized line of skin care products. They complement TempSure treatments but also can be used without TempSure treatments. Over the counter skin care products do not reduce fine lines and wrinkles effectively since they do not penetrate more than surface skin levels.

In histological studies, ALASTIN Skincare products have been shown to enhance the deposition of both elastin and collagen. This demonstration of enhanced elastin deposition in histological studies has established ALASTIN Skincare as the leader among skincare lines in the area elastin stimulation.

The products are also designed to combat the signs of aging, and improve and maintain skin health with daily use.


Karen Scalia, MA Office Manager- MA

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