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General Office Information

Welcome New Patients and Existing Patients

This information is office related for services, products available, billing and hours of operation.

Main phone number302-633-1442 please contact us on this number only (please do not save any other number)

Fax: 302-633-4424

Address: 1941 Limestone Road Ste 218 Wilmington, DE 19808


Currently the staff are here 9 am – 4:30 pm Monday – Friday.

Reach Dr. Felzer After Hours:

After hours you will receive an automated message. If you need the attention of Dr. Felzer, you may do so by pressing #1- Patient- when prompted. It will ask you to key in your call back number then record a brief message- please leave your name and phone number in your message. You will then be prompted to send, review, or cancel the message. The call is routed to Dr. Felzer to return. He will usually respond within 15-30 minutes. If you have not received a call by that time, please give him a call back. For all non-urgent issues we respectfully ask you to wait for office hours to call the office.

Please make note Dr. Felzer’s phone number will appear as 855-299-4500 and your phone may note restricted or believe it to be telemarketers, please accept the call and add him to your contacts. You will not be able to call that number to reach Dr. Felzer, it is one way.


Lillian – Front Desk, Agnes and Laura – Clinical Staff, and

Karen – Office Manager (Clinical, Premium Billing, and Administration)

Our nursing staff consists of myself, Agnes, and Laura. We work as a team and respectfully ask that you speak with the staff member that is currently available. We appreciate your help as we all work part time and as manager, I am only available to cover as needed.

Patient Portal:

If you have not registered or cannot access the patient portal, please call us to send you an updated login and password. The portal is the most secure way to access your records, ask for refills, send a private message, or pay your premium membership. The practice portal is also available for your personal use. It is the most secure way to reach our practice electronically. It is in no way intended to substitute for office visits with Dr. Felzer, please call us with illness or urgent needs. If you cannot access the portal, we can reset your account.


The link for our secure patient portal is:  

Facebook / Website

If you are on Facebook, please like and follow our page for updated information: 

Our website is

Patient Responsibility:

We need our patients to update the office with any insurance, address, pharmacy, or health changes. When you are in for an appointment, please give us your current insurance cards.


Premium Healthcare keeps our cost lower than most Concierge Services by still taking insurance. We ask that all patients keep current insurance plans. Copays, deductibles, and co-insurance still apply to your office visits. Our billing company, Health Sheild, bills out the left over after insurance for us. The billing company number is 302-352-0517 if you have any questions. The Premium is billed in the office. If you send checks directly from your bank account, make sure our address is 1941 Limestone Road Ste 218 Wilmington, DE 19808. You may send all payments to that address, and they will be processed. The billing company uses our group- Delaware Medical Group, LLC (DMG) address.


Premium Due Dates:

February - March - April                             payment is due January 15th
May - June - July                                       payment is due April 15th
August - September - October                    payment is due July 15th
November - December - January                 payment is due October 15th

We have multiple options for payment such as auto pay, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payment. Default billing is quarterly so call today if you prefer another choice.
If you have any questions about your membership or payment, please call our office. 
We accept Visa, American Express, Discover and Master Card and you may now pay on the Patient Portal. Non-Payment will cancel your Premium Membership.

Products / Services:

PurWell CBD Products:

Order Here:

These products are full spectrum, medical grade, high quality, and effective CBD. We have been seeing impressive results in our patients. Products include oral tinctures, roll on, lotions, salve, capsule, or gummies. You may order them through us or online via the link below. Use our discount code of CMS-5 for a discount at check-out online.


Information on PurWell CBD products and how they work:

Skin Care Products:

We also now carry a medical grade line of skin care products from ALASTIN Skincare. This company has biopsy proven results showing improvement into the deeper layers of skin from regular use of their skin care products. This line supplements the Temp Sure treatments but can also be used without the treatments. We have limited ALASTIN products for sale in the office at a small discount, otherwise they are available at:

Karen Scalia, MA Office Manager- MA

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We are proud to offer PurWel Products - a high quality CBD for pain control, inflammation, anxiety, and insomnia. PurWel is natural, organic, pure and high potency CBD in multiple variety. Call the office if you are interested!

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