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We have several Purwell products containing CBD which may be helpful. These of course are legal and without THC. These products are natural, organic, not contaminated by herbicides, fungicides or pesticides, full spectrum , formulated by a pharmaceutical scientists and are third party tested for purity and potency.

1) CBD Tincture is applied by dropper and put in the mouth or added to liquid. It may help chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleep etc. It is also available in capsules to take orally in 2 strengths. There are watermelon, peppermint or unflavored with 2-3 strengths each for the tincture. Capsules of course are swallowed.

2) Topical formulations of CBD are available as salve or lotion to apply over joints or painful areas of the skin which may help pain and inflammation. These come in menthol or lavender & eucalyptus for salve and unscented for the lotion. There are 2 strengths for each.

3) PurSlep is a combination of CBD and sleep aids including melatonin, valerian, chamomile in a tincture form. This may be effective to help sleep. It works quicker if applied under the tongue which helps it get absorbed quicker for sleep. Any tincture should be shaken before use.

Stuart Felzer MD


Karen Scalia, MA Office Manager- MA

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